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Today the cast list for Romeo & Juliet was posted! I got a part and I'm so happy~ I got Gregory, ...who I don't really know who it is, but I get 14 lines for the first scene and I think I get to fight a tiny bit with someone~~ 8D And I also got ensemble, so yeah. :) I was so worried I wouldn't get anybody~ Laramie got Juliet <3

Today I hung out with Kyle during lunch. I had no idea where Laramie and Kourtney were...but yeah, it was fun. :)

Ahhhh, I'm so excited! Wednesday we start rehearsals. Except for the character I'm playing is all 'gangster' and...I'm not gangster! I don't even know why he picked me for this role, 'cause I was horrible at the auditions. D:
Ah well. I shall practice. 8D

So yeah, I have a bunch of math homework and lines to study...Bye~~~ 8D ♥
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I saw fireworks from the freeway~~~

Today was so much fun! Talked to Kyle for a bit, but didn't mention anything about what he and Laramie talked about...and we had to run the mile in P.E which I got 14:16 XD Such a bad time. I think anything over 11 minutes was failing...haha. XD Kyle got, like, 6 minutes and something or other. XD I couldn't run the whole way, though, 'cause after one lap I wasn't breathing very well, so I could hardly run.

Auditions! It was awesome! I didn't get a call back, but I don't mind because I didn't want a big role anyway, and on Thursday I'm going to read for Gregory, Sampson and Abram, as is everyone else who didn't get a call back. I did get one of the loudest applause for my Juliet audition, but it's most likely 'cause I was reading with Antonio, who of course started getting all close and started putting his arm around me and stroking my chin at one of the most disgusting lines. XD I would've been freaked out if any other guy did that, but Antonio is awesome and gay, so <333 It was just a lot of fun reading with Antonio.
And I'm so proud of Laramie and Kourtney 'cause they both got call backs for Juliet and the Nurse! ♥ I got to read with Kourtney when I auditioned for the Nurse. 8D

I'm still confused about the Kyle thing, but I...don't know. Apparently I'm not to good at hiding my emotions 'cause Laramie could tell there was something wrong all day today...gotta work at that...

Anyway, love ya'll~ ♥
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If the plane goes down, damn, I'll remember where the love was found

Hello! :)

Friday I went to a football game at the school. It was very fun! Band looks like so much fun to be in. I really wish I could play an instrument. -_-

After the game, which we lost (21-27 XD), Laramie, Kourtney and I went to Laramie's house, and Saturday we went to see a movie. Burn After Reading. The part I saw was really stupid and confusing, then I fell asleep. XD Then I went back to Laramie's house after taking Kourtney back, and I was supposed to be picked up, but Andee and my Mom went to town and wouldn't of gotten back until late, so I stayed another night. :) It was fun. People trying to guess my middle name. Haha. They gave up. Laramie actually spelled it wrong, but I didn't catch it.

Uuuuugggghhh, Laramie talked to Kyle today, and of course she told me what it was, and it apparently went something like this:

Laramie: So Kyle, were buddies, right?
Kyle: Uhuh...
Laramie: So you wouldn't lie to me, would you?
Kyle: No
Laramie: Do you like Aimee?
Kyle: *pause* I used to, but now I think she's too cool that I don't want to date her then break up with her and hurt her...

WTF? I think I forgot to add something...Uh, I think it was:

Laramie: Who said you'd break up with her?
Kyle: I just wouldn't want to mess it up...

...ugh. >> Today was workshop for the play (AUDITIONS TOMORROW!) and Laramie told me this right before, so I was thinking about it and missed part of what the director was telling us. I never figured this would've happened...I'm confused...

Anyway, I think I'm going to go. >> Bye ♥
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No sleep + being in the hot sun for an hour = Almost yelling at idiots

>> Ugh. I got, like, no sleep this weekend and I was fucking tired today. I almost yelled at this one chick in P.E who wouldn't shut up. I did however tell her I didn't give a shit when she told me I was supposed to do something, when she doesn't even do it herself and I was so tired I could hardly think straight, and she wouldn't do it because she's just a prissy idiot who thinks running and catching a ball is too good for her.
I seriously felt sorry for the two teams that had to play our team in flag football. I think next time I'm going to ask if I can be on a different team.

Saturday I'm going to the movies with Laramie, and maybe Kyle. But Laramie has invited a bunch of people I don't know. >.> So I really hope Kyle comes so I have someone to talk too.

I am so tired. So yeah, I'm going to go to sleep. D:

Gossip Girl is on tonight...
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Today was a bit awkward, talking to Kyle. It was okay for the first five minutes, until this girl that is in my drama class and knows Kyle, walked up to us and asked if we were together. XD Kyle just looked at me, but I just looked at her and said no. It was a bit awkward after that. He did call after school though, just to tell me he could see me 'cause he was at the street corner waiting to cross, and I was at McDonald's, waiting for my sister. XD He said he was going to bring me a jacket 'cause I'm always cold in the morning...my cousin said she was gonna bring me one too. XD

Tomorrow I think I have fourth period for two hours? I don't know why...I did have that yesterday because of a Junior/Senior meeting. Oh well, I have tutorial which is awesome.

Aaaah, I still have homework to do. Algebra and English. English is easy enough, but I'm gonna need some help in Algebra Kyle is in advanced geometry... I feel stupid. XD

I am so tired. Which is weird because I slept for a long time last night. From, like, 6-11PM to 1-5AM. Oh well. I almost missed the bus today. XD I got there right when the bus started coming. It's like a ten minute walk...

I need to open a bank account soon. I haven't been to own so I can, though. >> I haven't gone to town for a while.

Romeo and Juliet auditions are in about two weeks! 8D Next week we get the script, so that is awesome. :B

So yeah, I guess I'll go now. ♥
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I am so tired! Three day weekend! 8DDD

I've talked to Kyle a lot more over the past few days. I think Laramie and Kourtney may have scared him off a little, talking about their boobs and all...and they won't stop telling me to get with him...XD I don't want a boyfriend. Bah. D:

BUT ANYWAY. :) I'm so bored at the moment, and I really wanna play Apples to Apples. That game is awesome. 8D

...I think I'm getting sick. D: My throat hurts DDDD:
And I'm still really sore from P.E Baah, pathetic. D: paaaaaaaaiin. D:

So yeah, I really don't have much to talk about, so I guess I'll go! ♥
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Fucking annoying family >> I am so tired -_- I love school, I do, but can't it be later in the day?

Ugh, I haven't seen Kyle around lately, just ran into him twice since school started and had a 2 - 3 minute conversation with him (which kinda sucks because it's fun to talk to him) and for summer school, I met two chicks, one I had actually known a long time ago but hadn't talked to for years, and it was fun, and I was planning to hang out with them this year, but they seem to be ignoring me. We have P.E together, and I said hi to them, and they smiled and went back to talking to another group of people, so I hung out with a girl that also waits at my bus stop.
Eh. Oh well, I guess. I like hanging out with Laramie and the drama nerds. <3 Or at least two of them...XD;

Ah, auditions for the play are September 23rd~ nervous :) It kind of sucks though because the auditions this year are apparently later then other years, and would give us around a month and a half to rehearse and everything. D:
...I think I already said this?
Hopefully tomorrow we get a new bench so Laramie and Courtnie aren't so pissed as they were today. XD (someone stole the bench we hang out at, and we were suppose to get a new one today, but instead we sat in red ants. D:)

I'm so hungry~ I'm gonna go eat a waffle. D:
Bye. ♥
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