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22 August 2008 @ 10:44 pm
Survived my first three days of school! Already changed my schedule, too. Haha. German is hard! More then 50% of everyone in class was a repeat because of failing the first one! And I really don't want to fail a class in my first year at a public school. Blargh. >> So yeah, now I'm taking up Art 1! Of course, I've missed the first two classes, and I suck badly at art, it's still better then German! So far I've had good luck with all my teachers, except for German. She was mean. D:
I did manage to memorize counting to 0-5, though. XD And I got my German name before~ which is Franzi~

Drama is awesome! Well, actually we haven't done much. Haha. All we did was be told the rules on the first day, then today we had a collage we had to present about ourselves! I put the Canadian flag on it, and everyone asked either "Why do you like Canada so much?" "Did you live in Canada?" or "Have you ever visited Canada?" Of course my answers to those were "Because it's awesome!" "No" "...no"

Aaaand, apparently the auditions for the play are like, at the end of September, which kind of sucks, 'cause then we'd only get less then a month and a half to rehearse. I'm not good at memorizing things! D: Romeo and Juliet...I wonder who I should try out for? Probably Mercutio. He dies right? I really want a dying scene! XD And maybe the Nurse...

Ugh. My weekend is gonna suck. My bitchy grandmother is coming, and my little cousin, who has gotten her mothers personality, and is a spoiled brat. >> Greeeat. /sarcasm

Anyway, got nothing else to say! I love Fridays~~~~~

Bye! 8D

EDIT: Anybody have Twitter? :D I just made one~ link is http://twitter.com/Franzi_
Haha, I really like the name Franzi now. :)
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20 August 2008 @ 06:19 am

It's six minutes until I have to leave for school~ :D And I didn't have to wake up at 4am~~ haha. Actually, 5:30am :)

I'm really tired, and I do not look forward to having to get up this early everyday. D: At least I get to see Laramie though! 8D

I didn't get to sleep very well last night. Blargh. I'm tired. XD I really want some Monster...

Anyway, I should go and finish getting ready all the way. I hope I have everything I need...
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17 August 2008 @ 01:14 am
A-Ah. I'm officially freaked out. A few days ago Andee brought home a movie from Blockbuster which was a really bad J-horror called Infection. Okay, it was really bad but I'm easily freaked out, so through out the whole movie I was covering my eyes.
Well, Andee and I just so happened to be sitting right next to a speaker which was behind us, and it hadn't done anything, until suddenly near the end of the movie, it started LAUGHING. A really creepy laugh. That totally scared me. I don't think I'm sleeping tonight. Ugh.

In other news, I really hate this computer. I can't use Paint Shop Pro nor Photoshop on it. D: Most of the reason I get on the computer is to make graphics! It pisses me off. And it's really slow. D=

I have to go to the Orthodontist on Monday, and then to the Doctor. I have to get a meningitis shot. >> I hate needles, dammit! D8

And I really have nothing else to say, so I guess I'll go and watch Higa backstage 8D Maybe that'll take my mind of FREAKY LAUGHS AND GOOEY GREEN STUFF. Ahem.
Bye ♥
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10 August 2008 @ 05:16 pm
Hello! We took back my computer on Friday because it was messing up (And I had it for less then a month. >>) so now I got Alex's computer, which is a Mac Mini. I hate the mouse. It doesn't have a scroll thing, so yeah. D: Oh well. I'll have to get a new one. I also got a haircut! It's short. This is the shortest I've had it since I was little. But it's not the same as the picture I put up >> Our hairstylist didn't do it right. Sigh.

Brianna invited me over yesterday, and then she came over here to stay the night. It was alright. We got on Myspace and I decided to add the "Own your Friends" thing. I bought Brianna, Laramie, Andee and Ashlie and I also got a myspace pet, which is a Penguin named Jim Felipe Jorge. 8D And I went onto Mobsters to get more money to buy friends, and so my Mobster name is "lmaoroflwtf" because "Kenny" and "Mr Mobster" was taken.
Anybody have a myspace that I haven't added? :D

Anyway~~~ I'm really bored. I have Monster! And I also had donuts! SUGAR~ ♥~
At least I haven't taken any pain pills today (I actually haven't for along time) because Monster + Pain Pills = BAD. XDDD That one day I did that, I was very jittery~

I have to go and add music to my computer again D: Ugh. I hate this. ;; And I can't use Paint Shop Pro yet. D8
Bye~~ <3

EDIT: I just realized that I backed up a bunch of my music onto CD's this year before I got the virus, so I now have a bunch of my music back. XD Should've remembered this before...
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03 August 2008 @ 04:50 pm
It is so very hot in my room. D:

Went to my cousin's wedding yesterday. It was okay. I mostly danced with Ashlie and Brianna, which was fun. And I guess no matter whose wedding it is, I tend to almost cry. XD; I don't know why.

Braces are bad for people's health kind of, aren't they? Before I got my braces a month ago I weighed 135, and now I weigh 115. o_O I hate not being able to eat very good. D: I like food~

Speaking of food, I really want to try escargot. I don't know why but a couple of weeks ago I really wanted to try some. :O

I haven't gotten a camera cord yet, but I was able to get the screen shot that paranoiacafe requested of my picture folder! Here!. I actually have more then that but right now that is my main one~

I made a new layout header a couple of days ago! How does it look? That is the first thing I've ever made in photoshop. And I still don't know how to use it well. XD; I'm kind of sucking at it.

And I guess I'll go now. :) Bye. ♥
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29 July 2008 @ 10:30 pm
paranoiacafe gave me five questions! I just did this, so I'm not gonna put the rules XD

WHOOCollapse )

Today I got bored and colored an Ouran Host Club manga picture! It took me about an hour & a half, maybe? Something like that. XD It's the first real coloring I've done! And I messed up a bit on Haruhi's skin. D: How does it look? 8D It's not the best. Though, I really wanna color something else. Hm.

And that is it! 8D ♥
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29 July 2008 @ 02:21 pm
Alright! I haven't been able to get the pictures from the meme because for some reason my camera didn't come with a camera cord so I need to wait until my mom finds hers or I buy one or something. So if anybody still wants to request pictures, go here! And once I get my Print Screen button to work, I'll get the other ones! 8D

I finally figured out how I want my hair cut next time (which is the 8th)~ I want to get it done like TAKUYA's :) Picture here~. I really really like that cut. XD; I also want to get my bangs a different color (blue.) but I don't have the money, unfortunately. D:

Yesterday I went to get my top wire for my braces and it hurt. I woke up this morning because it started to hurt badly so I got up, brushed my teeth and took some painkillers. So yeah. D=

I also almost got a dress yesterday at Target. I usually hate dresses, but I really liked this one (it was green. ♥). But of course, it looked like crap on me. D: So I decided I wanted to look at other dresses if we go to town tomorrow. :D

I was going to go to the movies this week with my cousin Brianna, Laramie and this other guy, James, but since my other cousins wedding is this week, I decided we should do it next week or something. I would rather go see The Dark Night rather then Step Brothers, but my cousin really wants to see Step Brothers, and I don't wanna be rude and go see a different movie. >> Oh well.

And now I will go and try to stop the hiccups I just got. D: Bye! ♥
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27 July 2008 @ 01:06 pm
Random memes because I'm bored! ♪

Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you're interested in/curious about, it can be anything from my house to my room to my favorite book. Leave your requests as a comment to this entry, I'll snap the pictures and post them in the following post.

Comment if you want me to screencap something on my computer and I'll post the pictures in my next entry.

And dragonfruits gave me The Blue Hearts and five questions!Collapse )
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Ugh. My mom thinks because I don't like R&B and Rap music, I'm closed-minded about music and I only like Japanese and Classical music. What the fuck? I have plenty of English music on my computer. She does not know how to let things go.

Brianna wants to go see Step Brothers. It actually looks funny. A funny Will Ferrel movie? Wow. The only movie of his I've ever liked is Stranger than Fiction (ANCHORMAN.). ...hm.

I need to get the pictures off my camera, but I don't have a camera cord.

I feel like crap. I really shouldn't take the painkillers without eating something, but I don't want anything to eat. The most I've eaten since midnight yesterday is Pocky. Which isn't the best thing to eat without eating anything else for 24 hours. >>
I can't drink much, either. Ever since I got braces, my teeth are sensitive to cold, so I've been using a straw to drink everything, but I can't use a straw for another 4 days. D:

Yeah, not much else has happened so I guess I'll go. ♥
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25 July 2008 @ 07:17 pm
Not illegal drugs! Illegal drugs are bad! Ha.

But yeah, Andee keeps calling me a druggie! I'm on painkillers at the moment because I had an oral surgery. Being put asleep with an IV is weird! All I remember is looking up at the ceiling and it kind of shaking, and the Doctor telling me it was going to look weird and then nothing. (It also feels weird when the liquid going into your veins! It got really cold.) XD One of the nurses helped me to one of the chairs that people go to after surgery and I kept accidentally stumbling. I don't remember much after that except for me sitting in a chair, but I remember leaving in a wheelchair and everything after that.
But yeah, my teeth hurt. XD;
And we went to Target, and Laramie and Brianna (who both wanted to come. So sweet ♥) had to hold me up (Brianna holding onto my arm and Laramie holding my hand) because at one point I almost stumbled into some shoes. And then I kept almost falling over. XD Exciting, hm? Not really. I can take another pain pill right now, but since I'm not in too much pain, I guess I'll pass. XD;

I finally got some more music yesterday. Well, just The Killers, but The Killers are freaking awesome ♥ 8D And I have yet to download all the music recommended to me, but I'm getting there! I downloaded DBSK, and they are pretty good! :DDDD! ♥ I need to get more.

We got Wii fit a couple days ago! My fit age is 15! Oh yeah! 8DDDDD I decided that by the end of August I'm going to be able to touch my toes with ease, and by the end of September I'll be able to touch my palms to the ground! 8D YOGA? HM?

Anyway, I should go! I'm going to go beat Andee at Wii fit! Love you all. ♥
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