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Take me back to the edge of innocence

I wanna go back then

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Hi there!
I'm Aimee. I'm 16. Junior in HS. There isn't much
to say. But a few things are. I'm Atheist.
I don't believe in any higher being. DON'T try to
convert me. It won't work. I believe STRONGLY in
gay rights. Don't judge people based on who
they love♥. I have the bestest friends
in the world. I'm mostly vegetarian.
I eat meat once a week. But soon I'll go to
once a month. Then none. I'm a very shy person.
Unless I'm really close to you. Then not so much
anymore. I hate drugs. Alcohol. Smoking. All are gross.
And NOT attractive. I love theater. I've been in
three plays. Romeo and Juliet (Gregory).
Virgil's Christmas Catch (Heather Bailey).
Virgil's Wedding (Ms. Delanie).
I was also
one of the two people doing the spot light in
Annie Get Your Gun. I was home schooled from k-9 and
entered public school from Freshman year, but now
I'm moving up to Junior year. I want to major in
Criminal Psychology. I want to be an FBI profiler.

Some of my interests are:
Anime/manga: Bleach. Prince of Tennis. Ouran High School
Host Club. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Death Note.

TV: Criminal Minds. Whose Line Is It Anyway. House.
Gossip Girl. Scrubs. Malcolm in the Middle. Gilmore Girls.
Iryu: Team Medical Dragon.

Movies: Chicago. RENT. Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Music: We Are Scientists. Eisley. Jason Mraz. Rufus Wainwright.
The Fray. The Killers. Vienna Teng. OK go. The Beatles. Queen.
Maroon 5. Lady GaGa. Hellogoodbye. Cute Is What We Aim For.

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